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Dylan Kiedman

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A voracious reader since he was a small child, Dylan has always been fascinated by storytelling and world-building. He loved exploring imaginative stories filled with complex worlds and compelling characters.

As he grew older, he learned to create those worlds himself through writing and Dungeons and Dragons. Dylan initially got into acting as a way to help develop social skills and build relationships with peers, but soon realized that he loved performing and had a natural ability to bring characters to life. Through acting, he can inhabit the mind of an imagined person and discover how they react in whatever situation the script calls for. Dylan has had the opportunity to study acting, write original pieces and perform with The Miracle Project, Actors for Autism, as well as his high school drama program. He feels at home on stage and in front of a camera.

Dylan played the lead role of ‘Rowan’ in the short film, “Cranberry Chorus” and was featured in the 2020 Police Community Action Training film by Crews for a Cause. In 2022, he can be seen in the recurring role of ‘Caleb’ in the series “As We See It” on Amazon.