Mona Heathcote

About Me

Mona began their journey in the performing arts at the age of two when their mother started teaching them dance, and then at four they’d take the stage for the first time in “The Jungle Book” as a child villager. Since then, they’ve done many shows ranging from ballets like the Nutcracker and musicals like The Little Mermaid.

One of Mona’s favorite roles was when they were cast as Princess Jasmine in the Angel’s On Stage production of Aladdin, getting to play one of their favorite characters and act alongside another actor whom they had looked up to for all their years with the organization.

Acting and dancing aren’t the only things they’ve dabbled in, having experience in cheer leading, stage managing, directing as well as jewelry & costume design!

Jewelry making became a major outlet for them during the quarantine, and they’re excited to have two of their pieces featured in this project!

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