Raina Alexandra

About Me

Ever since she stepped onto a stage at the age of 3, Raina Alexandra has performed in both musical theatre & comedy sketches, as well as assisting directors in performances.

Raina first became interested in film and television when she was interviewed for CBS News Los Angeles for a production she was featured in. She has been featured in Netfiix’s Atypical season 2 as well as Amazon’s As We See It.

After seeing herself, she realized there was no one in Hollywood or in the public eye that looked like her or was similar to her. After that, she knew there were plenty of people like her on the autism spectrum that need an actor who can emulate their stories.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Raina always felt more comfortable when performing than being in the real world.

Raina has taught musical theatre for children and adults for over 15 years and after supporting others to be in the spotlight and perform, she believes it is now her time to shine.

She wants to show the world that like Daryl Hannah, a woman on the autism spectrum can play roles on and off the spectrum, perform at the highest level, be beautiful, and a person people want to work with and people want to see more in the media. Women do not seem to get much exposure for having autism, but Raina wants the world to know that people with autism can be sexy, funny without self-deprecation, charming, warm, fun, and most of all, that they are people who, like people without autism, can perform as well as other actors. She can play both on and off the spectrum authentically because she was raised to fit into a neurotypical world even though she herself is anything but neurotypical.

When not performing, she watches some of the newest and some classic television shows and movies with her soon to be husband, snuggling with her dog, exploring new places in the Los Angeles area, and obsessing over the newest shows coming to Broadway and supporting her friends who are also performers on both stage, television, and film.

She also is an ally and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a BLM ally, and an avid fighter for social justice for all.